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Model 3 girls on the growth of 115-145cm.
Model 3 girls on the growth of 115-145cm.
Price: 26 650 грн.
650 $


Maximum weight of the child up to 60 kg

The growth of the child 115-145cm. The length of the legs inside the groin to the heel not less than 50 cm.

The front wheel 20" дюйиов (50cm. in diameter) disc 16"-18"inch(40-45см.в diameter)

The price of $ 650.

The price of the Bicycle is specified in the basic configuration.

In базовою package includes only mount on the legs and the ability to bike to work as a home exercise bike without any additional devices.

Everything else must be ORDERED SEPARATELY in section COMPONENTS, or when ordering in the string (ACCESSORY-WISHES)

Быстросьемная rear axle. Fully dismountable. Very convenient transportation.

Sitting in базовою package INCLUDES a standard.

Dimensions bike

Length 125-135cm.

Width 68cm.(standard)

Be any width You like, but consider the fact that the already width of the rear axle of the less stable the bike.

The weight of the bike in a base complete set - 18kg, in full 20kg.

The color of the bike may DIFFER from the one stated on the photo and need to be discussed when ordering.