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Article » Experience of application of a Bicycle trainer


A.V. Deryabin , S.V. Vlasenko,

M.V. Nepeypivo, A.A. Andrianov


Purposes: to optimize the complex of sanatorium rehabilitation of patients with spastic cerebral palsy by staged forms of gypsum.

Methods and techniques: under the observation from 2001 to 2006 there were 256 patients with spastic forms of cerebral palsy who underwent staged forms of gypsum. After the removal of plaster casts in the early recovery period (7- 10 days) 92 patients were assigned to a specialized stationary bike exercise «Velodoctor».

Trainings were held for 10-14 days daily for 20-30 minutes in combination with traditional complex of sanatorium rehabilitation treatment.

Original indications for training on simulators: preserved child’s intelligence, satisfactory hands’ manipulative function. Further indications were expanded to more severe forms of cerebral palsy.

Results and discussion: the group of patients exercising on a stationary bike showed a decrease of duration and intensity of pain by on average of 5-7 days, which allowed beginning to develop a new motor stereotype two weeks earlier, and as for patients with severe lesions of CNS (" nonambulant ") riding simulator contributed to the suppression of paralogous synergies, development of stepping movements. Self-reliant riding on open space contributed to the improvement of spatial representations of the child.

Conclusions: The use of a special exercise bike after staged forms of gypsum by patients with CP provides a previously painless restoration of motion in the joints of the limbs. Riding a stationary bike significantly reduces the fear of independent movement.

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